MLB Preview 7/6-9

Top 5 Series:

1.Brewers at Yankees (Friday 705pm and Saturday-Sunday 105pm)

2. Orioles at Twins (Thursday-Friday 810pm, Saturday-Sunday 210pm)

3.Astros at Blue Jays (Thursday-Friday 707pm, Saturday-Sunday 107pm)

4.Mets at Cardinals (Friday 815pm, Saturday 410pm and Sunday 215pm)

5.Royals at Dodgers (Friday 1010pm, Saturday 715pm and Sunday 410pm)

Best Pitching Matchups:


1.Red Sox at Rays 710pm (Sale vs Faria)

2.Orioles at Twins 810pm (Bundy vs Berrios)


1.Red Sox at Rays 710pm (Pomeranz vs Oderazzi)

2.Reds at Dbacks 940pm (Adelman vs Grienke)

3.A’s at Mariners 1010pm (Manea vs Paxton)


1.Astros at Blue Jays 107pm (Fiers vs Stroman)

2.Braves at Nationals 405pm (Teheran vs Strasburg)

3.White Sox at Rockies 910pm (Quintana vs Hoffman)


1.Brewers at Yankees 105pm (Nelson vs Tanaka)

2.Red Sox at Rays 110pm (Price vs Archer)

3.Mets at Cardinals 215pm (Matz vs Lynn)

4.Royals at Dodgers 410pm (Kennedy vs Kershaw)


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