MLB Thoughts 6/25

1.The Yankees fell back a lil, still  a good team but, they are young so this was bound to happen, even if they do fall apart, the future is bright with Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, their pitching will be fine with Micheal Pineda leading the way

2.The Mets got a much needed sweep over the Giants, now they face a weak Marlins  team then come home to face the Phillies then out to Washington and St. Louis the next 6 games are critical for their season.

3.The Twins keep on the road, they just swept the Indians after being swept by them at home, now they head to Fenway which is never an easy place to play then off to KC for 4 (day night dh Saturday), if they have a good week, they can be a threat, the talent is starting to show as Eddie Rosario is playing better and Miguel Sano is the star they expected him to be.

4.The Dodgers are a fun team, Cody Bellinger is a stud, Yasiel Puig is good as always and you have Clayton Kershaw and Kanley Jansen pitching

5.Houston keeps being fun as well, they have experience in Carlos Beltran and some good young talent including Jose Altuve

6. While on the other side, what is wrong with the Giants? The roster is good but, this is not their year, I wonder when is it time to trade away what they got.


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