NCAA CWS Day 1 Review and Day 2 Preview

Day 1:

CS Fullerton 5-6 Oregon St.

1.CS Fullerton once had a 5-1 lead which included a 3-0 lead in the 1st after a 3 run homerun by Timmy Richards, their starter Connor Seabold piched 5 good innings, but, reliever Colton Eastman gave up 4 runs, the winning hit came in the 8th inning on an Adley Rutschman single off of Blake Workman

Winning Pitcher- Jake Mulholland (0 runs and hits in 4.1 innings of relief work, Jake Thompspn started)

Losing Pitcher- Blake Workman (5 hits 1 run in 2.1 innings of relief work, he gave up the hit to Adley Rustchman)

Save-Drew Rasmussen


1.  Florida St. had the lead until the 8th, when Greg Diechmann’s simgle gave the Tigers the lead over the Noles, Alex Lange gave up all the runs for LSU but, the bullpen did its job (Jared Poche and Zach Hess).Florida St’s runs were all on hits

Winning Pitcher-Jared Poche

Losing Pitcher-Tyler Holton ( 5 runs 8 hits in 7.1 ip)

Save-Zach Hess

Up Next- CS Fullerton vs LSU. 2pm ESPN (elimination game) and Oregon St. vs Florida St. 7pm ESPN (Winners Bracket) both on Monday

Day 2:

2pm-Texas A&M vs Louisville (ESPN) announcers-Tom Hart, Ben McDonald, Chris Burke and Mike Rooney field level

Texas A&M-Hitting wise they are lead by SS/3B Braden Shewmake who hit .335 with 11 HR and 68 RBI and he is a freshman, also they get contribution from CF Nick Choruby who hit .325 with 33 RBI and 3 HR, also with 33 RBI is LF Walker Pennington who also has 4 HR but hits just .225, on the mound they are lead by Brigham Hill who is 8-3 with  and Stephen Kolek who is 4-4  do not be surprised to see Corbin Martin start instead he is 7-3 on the year.

Lousiville- The Cardinals are lead by 1B Drew Ellis who hit .367 with 20 HR and 60 RBI and P/DH Brendan McKay who hit .343 with 17 HR and 56 RBI and their pitching is lead by Brendan McKay who is 10-3 and Kade McClure who is 8-3, their closer is Lincoln Henzman with 16 saves.

Analysis-The Aggies have good pitching with just giving up 217 runs this season, their offense is decent but, not great by any means.Louisville on the other hand is an offensive machine that scored 452 runs a game, they can score well and their pitchers just gave 177 runs a game.On paper this game favors Louisville and their offense.

Prediction-It will not be a run away as the Aggies will keep it close but, they do not have the offense that Louisville does, Cardinals wins 6-3.

7pm-Florida vs TCU (ESPN2) announcers-Karl Ravech, Eduardo Perez, Kyle Petersen with Laura Rutledge field level.

Florida-The Gators are lead by RF Nelson Maldonado who hit .304 with 6 HR and 31 RBI, 1B JJ Schwartz is their power guy he has 12 HR with 53 RBI and an .271 average, on the mound they are lead by Jackson Kowar who is 17-0 with Alex Faedo who is 7-2 and Brady Singer who is 7-5, their closer is Micheal Byrne with 16 saves.

TCU- The Horned Frogs are lead by C Evan Skoug who hit .277 with 20 HR and 68 RBI with help from  2B Cam Warner who hit .292 with 5 HR and 49 RBI

Analysis- TCU has the better offense with the Frogs scoring 434 runs to the Gators 537, the Gators will need a great game from 17-0 Jackson Kowar to have a good chance, this game will be close

Prediction-The Gators and their pitching keeps it close, but, TCU scores late to win. 3-2 Frogs win.


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