MLB Thoughts and Rankings 6/4


Top 10:

1.Astros, 2.Nationals, 3.Yankees, 4.Twins, 5.Brewers, 6.Nationals, 7.Dodgers, 7.Red Sox, 8.Indians, 9.Tigers and 10.Mariners

Players of the week

AL-George Springer (Astros) 15 for 30, 5 HR and 9 RBI

NL-Daniel Murphy (Nationals) 14 for 28, 1 HR and 7RBI

Pitchers of the week-

AL-Brad Peacock (Astros) 1-0 5.06 ERA, but had 17 Ks in that start and the Astros won

NL-Edson Volzquez (Marlins) 2-0  0.60 ERA, 14 Ks, 1 no hitter and 3 hits in his other start


1.The Astros are the dominant team right now, good pitching and veteran hitting had made then fun to watch

2.Big series has the Yankees who had a struggling week ( 1 win at Baltimore and then split 4 in Toronto) come home to face the Red Sox who are playing well (beat the White Sox 2 out of 3 in Chicago, then split 4 against the Orioles) but, are in 2nd place, so this is a 1st vs 2nd place series.

3.The Nationals right now are the team to beat in the NL, could this be their year to make a playoff run?

Each Division Contenders:


East-Yankees, Red Sox and Orioles

Central-Twins, Indians and Tigers (The White Sox have cooled off and I do have them in the mix)

West-Astros (run away)



Central-Brewers, Cubs and Cardinals

West-Rockies, Dbacks and Dodgers




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