MLB Ramblings 5/11

1.Decent home stand for the Mets, they took 2 out of 3 from the Marlins and Giants, so they are holding up there and with Cespedes back in about 10 days (the 23rd vs the Padres is the early estimate), and Duda is playing rehab games, they will be ok

2.I used to hate the Yankees but, they are fun to watch to be honest (I am a Mets fan), they are not arrogant as the dynasty was, and Aarom Judge and Gary Sanchez are fun to watch.

3.The Twins are decent, playoff contenders, no , but, fun to watch

4.I can see the Brewers being a pesky team no one wants to play with Thames and Braun when he comes back

5.The Rockies have been a surprise with their hitting, but, I do not see it lasting, too young yet

6.I am not shocked by the good play of the Astros, good youth and veteran mix usually does well.

7.Baltimore is well coached so them doing well is not a shock either.


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