MLB Preview 5/11-14


Top 5 Series:

1.Cubs at Cardinals (Friday 815pm, Saturday 405pm FS1 and Sunday 215pm)

A-Great rivalry between 2 teams that do not like each other

2.Astros at Yankees (Thursday-Friday 705pm, Saturday 105pm and Sunday 738pm ESPN)

A-Who would have thought that these 2 teams would be the best?

3.Dodgers at Rockies (Friday 840pm, Saturday 810pm and Sunday 310pm)

A-The Rockies are a surprise and the Dodgers are good

4.Tigers at Angels (Friday 1007pm, Saturday 907pm and Sunday 337pm)

A- 2 teams that can hit

5.Twins at Indians (Friday 710pm, Saturday 410pm and Sunday 110pm)

A-If the Twins can do good here they could be a threat. they need to win series like these.

Best Pitching Matchups-


1.Twins at Indians 710pm (Santana vs Tomlin)

2.Mets at Brewers 810pm (Harvey vs Garza)

3.Dodgers at Rockies 840pm (Kershaw vs Chatwood)

4.Reds at Giants 1015pm (Feldman vs Cueto)


1.Cubs at Cardinals 405pm (FS1)  (Lester vs Wacha)

2.A’s at Rangers 805pm (Gray vs N.Martinez)

3.Tigers at A’s 907pm (Norris vs Nolasco)


1.Twins at Indians 110pm (Santiago vs Bauer)

2.Phillies at Nationals 135pm (Hellickson vs Scherzer)

3.Mets at Brewers 210pm (DeGrom vs Peralta)

4.Cubs at Cardinals 215pm (Arrieta vs C. Martinez)

5.Tigers at Angels 337pm (Verlander vs Meyer)

6.Astros at Yankees 738pm (ESPN Derek Jeter Night) (Morton vs Tanaka)



Looking Ahead-

1.Mets at Dbacks

2.White Sox at Angels

3.Reds at Cubs (Tuesday-Thursday)

4.Yankees at Royals (Tuesday-Thursday)

5.Red Sox at Cardinals (Tuesday-Thursday)


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