MLB Preview 5/8-11


Top 5 Series-

1.Yankees at Reds (Monday-Tuesday 710pm)

2.Pirates at Dodgers (Monday-Wednesday 1010pm)

3.Cubs at Rockies (Monday-Tuesday 840pm and Wednesday 310pm)

4.Orioles vs Nationals (Monday, Tuesday in Baltimore and Wednesday, Thursday in DC all 4 games 705pm)

5.Twins at White Sox (Tuesday-Thursday 810pm)

Best Pitching Matchups-




1.Nationals at Orioles 705pm (Scherzer vs Jiminez)

2.Indians at Blue Jays 707pm (Salazar vs Estrada)

3.Cubs at Rockies 840pm (Lackey vs Freeland)

4.Pirates at Dodgers 1010pm (Nova vs Urias)

Looking Ahead-

1.Cubs at Cardinals

2.Astros at Yankees (4 games Thursday-Sunday)

3.Twins at Indians

4.Dodgers at Rockies

5.Tigers at Angels


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