MLB Preview 4/28-30




Top 5 Series:

1.Cubs at Red Sox (Friday 710pm, Saturday 405pm and Sunday 808pm)

A- 2 teams that are historic teams and have alot of tradition meet at Fenway in what should be a great series.

2.Orioles at Yankees (Friday 705pm and Saturday-Sunday 105pm)

A-2 teams playing good Baseball (Yankees took both games from Boston), while the O’s are in 1st, and the Yankees are in 2nd.

3.Reds at Cardinals (Friday 815pm and Saturday-Sunday 215pm)

A- 2 teams in the middle of the NL Central both could use 2 wins or a sweep to make a move

4.White Sox at Tigers (Friday 710pm and Saturday-Sunday 110pm)

A-Divisional rivalry, 2 close teams with the White Sox in 2nd and the Tigers in 3rd a half game back of the Sox and 2nd place.

5.Phillies at Dodgers (Friday 1010pm,Saturday 910pm and Sunday 410pm)

A-The Phillies are hot and this will show if they are for real (they beat the Braves and Marlins at home) while the Dodgers are in 3rd place and need to make a statement soon and they are back home after losing 2 from the Dbacks and splitting 4 games with the Giants in San Fran.)

Best Pitching Matchups:


705pm-Orioles at Yankees (Gausman vs Sabathia)

710pm-Cubs at Red Sox (Arrieta vs Pomeranz)

810pm-Braves at Brewers (Colon vs Anderson)

1010pm-Phillies at Dodgers (Eickhoff vs Maeda)


105pm-Orioles at Yankees (Jimenez vs Pineda)

105pm-Mets at Nationals (Wheeler vs Strasburg)

405pm-Cubs at Red Sox (Lackey vs Wright)

715pm-Twins at Royals (Hughes vs Hammel)

915pm-Padres at Giants (Chacin vs Cain)


107pm-Rays at Blue Jays (Archer vs Estrada)

215pm-Twins at Royals (Santana vs Vargas)

410pm-Rockies at Dbacks (Marquez vs Corbin)

808pm-Cubs at Red Sox (B.Anderson vs E.Rodriguez)

Week ahead:

1.Orioles at Red Sox

A-good test for both teams in a close race (1st vs 3rd)

2.Indians at Tigers

A-The Indians go on the road and face a good Tigers team

3.Rangers at Astros

A-The battle of Texas and both are good

4.Giants at Dodgers

5.Marlins vs Rays (2 in Miami and 2 in Tampa)

A-The battle for Florida, always a fun series when both Florida teams play each other.




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