MLB Rankings and Ramblings 4/16

Top 10:

1.Astros, 2.Orioles, 3.Tigers, 4.Reds,5.Rockies, 6.Marlins, 7.Twins, 8.Yankees, 9.Nationals and 10.Cubs

Next 2- Dbacks and Dodgers


AL- Orioles (7-3 in their last 10) and  Yankees (won 6 in a row)

NL-Marlins (took 3 of 4 from the Mets to end the homestand) and Braves (won 5 in a row)


AL-A’s (Lost 3 in a row after a good start) and Angels (lost 5 in a row and have not looked good at all for the talent they have)

NL- Mets (Lost 3 of 4 to the Marlins. although all loses were close and no blow outs) and Padres


1.I would not be worried if I was a Mets fan, all loses were close and they get Familia back this week which will help the bullpen out.

2.The Cardinals have been a disappointemt  so far, being 3-9 and looking sluggish, their bullpen is awful and their hitting is non existent, its a long way off but, could this be a bad season for the Cards?

3.One of the teams I said to watch is Houston they have the talent and so far have shown to be tough.

Hard Schedule-

AL- Red Sox (3 at Jays and at Orioles and both are tough teams)

NL- Pirates (3 at Cardinals and 3 vs Yankees) and Reds (3 vs Orioles and 3 vs Cubs)

Top Series:

1.Orioles at Reds

2.Red Sox at Blue Jays

3.White Sox at Yankees

4.Rockies at Dodgers



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