Best and Worst of Baseball.

Best Cities:

1.St. Louis- Go to any game at Busch Stadium and all you will see is red, the fans are passionate as heck.

2.Boston-Good luck finding a seat at Fenway, these fans come rain or shine.

3.Cubs-Another fan base that sells out their stadium all the time.

4.Giants-Another very passionate base, for example they had 41,000 on a rainy day and they stay the whole game

5. Dodgers-Yes they might leave early and come late, but, thats  a bad rap, they are one of the best fan bases and Dodger Stadium is always a tough place to play.


Best Stadiums-

1.Fenway Park-Nothing beats the Green Monster or the short porch. Yes there are bad seats but, its historic and a tough place for opposing teams.

2.Wrigley Field-They did modernize it with the scoreboards, but, its old fashioned yet with the organ being the main music and the Ivy walls in the summer.

3. Camden Yards-The view of downtown is awesome and it never looks out dated and its been there for 25 years/

4.Dodger Stadium-The location in the ravine is awesome plus the Dodger Blue makes it look nice

5A- AT&T Park-Nothing beats the view of the water and the scenery makes it one of the best.

5B. PNC Park-Roberto Clemente Bridge right behind the stadium and the view of Downtown makes this a favorite.

Honorable Mention-

1.Petco Park-The view of San Diego is nice

2.Great American Ballpark-The Ohio River behind the fence gives this a  nice view, its hard to pick 5 stadiums

3.Kauffman Stadium-I like the waterfalls in the outfield.


1.Cardinals-The 2 Cardinals on the bat and the traditional Red Caps make this one of the best.

2.Cubs-Old school logo and nothing fancy, I could do with out the gold numbers but, they won a World Series so they get a pass.

3.Yankees- The Pinstripes and the simple road grays make this 3rd on my list.

4. Orioles-The jerseys are simple with the word Orioles in orange script at home and the word Baltimore script on the gray roads.

5.Detroit-The Jerseys have not changed much and I like that

Honorable Mention-

1.Mets-I like the home pinstripes better now than the 80s ones, the stripes on the shoulders were not needed, these are clean looking now

2.Boston-I like the traditional logo

3.KC-Its a cleam jersey and the same logo from the 1980s.

Worst Stadiums-

1.Oakland Coliseum- Other than the fans’ and their drums nothing excites me about watching a game on TV from there.

2.Tropicana Field-This is dull. dark and dreary

3.Marlins Park-To me its dull and drab nothing excites me at all

4.Chase Field-Its an old warehouse turned ballpark, not a bad place but, nothing great

5.Angels Stadium-The scoreboard is outdated, the only thing that makes this 5th is the waterfall

Worst Uniforms-

1. Marlins-The colors were better before the change

2.Padres-Too many choices and the colors are meh

3.Dbacks-The new colors are decent but, bring back the purple

4.Brewers- Meh

5.Rockies-They need to change them, another dull look


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