MLB Ramblings 4/12

Teams of the day:

AL-Yankees, good win being down and coming back.

NL- Brewers, they have gone into Toronto and won 2 games from the Jays


1.Huge series wins for the Brewers, the Reds who beat the Pirates at PNC pretty easily and the Padres who won 2 out of 3 from the Rockies

2.The Yankees found a way to win again being down and came back, they are fun to watch (this is from a Mets fan)

3.The Blue Jays continue to struggle looking bad again and they have 2 against a good Orioles team at Rogers Centre that will be a tough series.



Top 5 games:

1.Pirates at Red Sox 205pm (Make up game)

2.Dodgers at Cubs 220pm

3.Rays at Yankees 705pm

4.A’s at Royals 815pm

5.Rockies at Giants 1015pm


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