MLB Ramblings 4/11

Teams of the day:

AL-Red Sox, they beat the Orioles who were playing well

NL-Mets, dominated the Phillied 14-4 and now have won the series at least and go for the sweep, they did lose Matt Harvey to a tight hammy.

Honorable Mentions:

AL- Indians, beat the White Sox 2-1 in 10 in a tough game

NL- Marlins good 8-4 home opener win over the Braves


1.The Mets showed they can hit the ball well if the pitching stands up they will be a threat

2.Not much to say other than good wins for the Indians and Marlins for their home openers.

3.The Phillies’ fans will have a long season, they have very little to be excited about and same for the Braves’ fans.

4.Huge for the Brewers to go into Rogers Centre that was packed and beat the Blue Jays who are much better than the 1-6 record so far, the talent is better than their record.


Top 5 games:

1.Rays at Yankees 105pm

2.Cardinals at Nationals 405pm

3.White Sox at Indians 610pm

4.Brewers at Blue Jays 707pm

5.Astros at Mariners 1010pm



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