MLB Week Thoughts 4/9

Team of the week-

AL- Twins-Good week for the Twins sweeping the Royals then winning 2 out of 3 from the White Sox (Next week- 3 at Tigers and 3 vs White Sox)

NL-Cubs, struggled in the beginning but, look to have found their groove taking 2 from the Brewers and 2 from the Cardinals after losing opening day. (Next week- 3 vs Dodgers and 3 vs Pirates)


1.Alot could change, but, the Orioles look good this season, Toronto did not have a good start winning 1 game but, they head home which should help

2.In the NL the Cubs look to be tough as always while the Giants are struggling but, like the Jays they also head home this week.

3.The Twins are off to a hot start, but, can they keep it up? They are young but, like 2015 they have shown signs of playing well.

4.The Mets need better pitching from Wheeler and Gsellman, they need one to do well until Matz comes back like in late May or Early June.

5.The Yankees had a big blow losing Gary Sanchez to an right oblique strain, they will need Matt Halladay and others to step it up.


1.Orioles, 2.Twins, 3.Rockies, 4.Rays, 5.Nationals, 6.Cubs, 7.Tigers, 8.Astros, 9. Reds and 10.Dbacks

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