MLB Weekend Best Games 4/8-9



110pm-Red Sox at Tigers, 1st game of the day

405pm-Yankees at Orioles, FS1

710pm-Royals at Astros, battle of Aces (Duffy vs Keuchel)

805pm-A’s at Rangers, Darvish pitches for the Rangers

810pm-Dodgers at Rockies, Kershaw vs Gray and Indians at Dbacks, Kluber vs Grienke

1007pm-Mariners at Angels, King Felix pitches


110pm-Red Sox at Tigers, Verlander pitches

135pm-Yankees at Orioles, can Sabathia pitch well again?

310pm-Dodgers at Rockies, Can Maeda bounce back?

440pm-Giants at Padres, Cueto vs Richard

808pm-Marlins at Mets, Thor pitches for the Mets

Top Series:

1.Yankees at Orioles, 2.Red Sox at Tigers, 3.Royals at Astros, 4.Giants at Padres and 5. Marlins at Mets

Next Week:


1.Home openers on Monday for the : Yankees 105pm (Rays), Royals 415pm (A’s), Giants 335pm (Dbacks), Mariners 510pm (Astros) and the Cubs at Wrigley 805pm against the Dodgers on ESPN Monday

2.Indians 410pm (White Sox), Blue Jays 707pm (Brewers) and the Marlins 710pm (Braves) all have their home openers Tuesday

3.The best series are: 1.Orioles at Red Sox, 2.White Sox at Indians and Astros at Mariners

4.ESPN has Dodgers at Cubs Monday 805pm as the Cubs open Wrigley for the 1st time since the World Series win at Cleveland and a Tuesday special on ESPN has the Cardinals at Nationals at 705pm


1.The last home opener is the Braves who open their new park (Sun Trust Park) against the Padres Friday 735pm

2.Tigers at Indians is the FS1 game Saturday 410pm and Sunday its the Cardinals at Yankees 808pm on ESPN

3.The best series are: 1.Cardinals at Yankees, 2.Tigers at Indians, 3.Angels at Royals, 4.Orioles at Blue Jays and 5.Rangers at Mariners




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