MLB Ramblings 4/3

Teams of the day-

AL- Twins

NL- Dodgers

Game of the day-

1.Blue Jays 2-3  Orioles 11innings (game won on a Mark Trumbo hr)

2.Rockies 8-5 Brewers


1.Awful performance by the Padres who had no chance against the Dodgers who have shown to be a very good team

2.Noah Syndergaard will be a threat this season if he can pitch like he did today most of the season, he was absolutely dominant in 6 innings over the Braves

3.Houston could be one team to watch, the veteran additions to an already good roster will make their season interesting to say the least.


Alot of teams have the day off but, there are  a few games.

Top 5 games-

1.Tigers at White Spx 310pm, after a rain out Monday, they will try again Tuesday.

2.Yankees at Rays 710pm

3.Indians at Rangers 805pm

4.Cubs at Cardinals 815pm

5.Angels at A’s



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