MLB Viewers Guide to best games 4/2-6

1.This will tell you the best games in time order



110pm- Yankees at Rays ESPN

410pm-Giants at Dbacks ESPN2

835pm-Cubs at Cardinals ESPN


105pm-Marlins at Nationals (Volzquez vs Strasbourg)

210pm-Pirates at Red Sox (Cole vs Procello)

410pm-Tigers at White Sox (Verlander vs Quintana)

705pm-Indians at Rangers (Kluber vs Darvish)

810pm-Mariners at Astros (Hernandez vs  Keuchel )

1005pm-Angels at A’s (Nolasco vs Graveman)


710pm-Yankees at Rays (Sabathia vs Odorizzi)

805pm-Indians at Rangers (Carrassco vs Perez)

815pm-Cubs at Cardinals (Arrieta vs Wainwright)

940pm-Giants at Dbacks (Cueto vs Corbin)

1010pm-Padres vs Dodgers (Richard vs Maeda)


145pm-Cubs at Cardinals (Lackey vs Lynn)

210pm-Tigers vs White Sox

705pm-Blue Jays at Orioles (Happ vs Bundy)

710pm-Pirates at Red Sox (Taillon vs Sale)

710pm-Braves at Mets (Colon vs DeGrom)

810pm-Mariners at Astros (Morton vs Paxton)

1010pm-Padres at Dodgers (Cahill vs Hill)


1235pm-Phillies at Reds (Bucholz vs Davis)

110pm-Royals at Twins (Hammel vs Gibson)

310pm-Padres at Dodgers (Weaver vs Ryu)

405pm-Marlins at Nationals (Koehler vs Scherzer)

710pm-Braves at Mets (Garcia vs Harvey)

930pm-Giants at Dbacks (Samardzija vs Ray)

Weekend ahead-

1.Home openers for the , Pirates (vs Braves), Tigers (vs Red Sox), Phillies (vs Nationals), Rockies (vs Dodgers), Padres (vs Giants) and Angels (vs Mariners)

2. The best series are, Yankees at Orioles, Red Sox at Tigers and Royals at Astros


1.Yankees Royals, Mariners and Cubs, have their home opener Monday.

2.Marlins, Blue Jays and Indians have their home opener Tuesday.





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