MLB Teams to Watch 4/2-10


1.Indians-They are not healthy and have a tough start to the season at the Rangers.

2.Red Sox-Not just this week, their whole month is brutal with games against the Orioles (home and away), Yankees (home), Cubs (home) and at Tigers. The good news is most tough games are at Fenway which is a tough place to play.

3.Yankees-They start off against rivals the Rays and Orioles, both on the road , not the toughest places to play but, good competition.

4.Royals-They dont have the toughest schedule  (at Twins and Astros ) so they need to win these games to show they can be not take easily, they need a quick start to bounce back from a bad season.


1.Mets-There is alot of hype for them, Cespedes is here for 4 years, they have good pitching and the last thing they need is a slow start as they host the Braves and the Marlins who are beatable.

2.Pirates-If they can beat Boston a few times they head home for a bad Braves team, these are the games they need to win to be in the run for a wildcard spot.

3.Cubs-They do not have an easy start with games at Cardinals then at Brewers, they will have the target on their back and these wins will alleviate the stress of being defending champs.

4.Giants and Dodgers- Both have easy schedules to start , Giants are at Dbacks and at Padres, Dodgers host Padres and at Rockies.



Tough week ahead:


1.Red Sox- Hosting the Pirates and at Tigers, will not be an easy start.

2.Blue Jays- At Orioles and at Rays, 2 rivals battling in a close AL East.


1.Marlins-At Nationals and at Mets, 2 of the tougher teams

2.Dbacks-Hosting the Giants and the Indians, 2 good teams

Easier week:


1.Rangers- vs Indians and vs A’s. the Indians are not healthy and the A’s are not good


1.Dodgers- vs Padres and at Rockies- 6 games where they should win 4.

2.Giants- at Dbacks and at Padres- see above


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