MLB Best Series and Predictions 4/2-6


110pm- Yankees at Rays (ESPN), 410pm- Giants at Dbacks (ESPN2) and 837pm-Cubs at Cardinals (ESPN)


1.Indians at Rangers (Mon. 705pm, Tues and Wed. 805pm) Monday on ESPN and Tuesday MLB Net. (secondary game)

Analysis-How can you go wrong? These are 2 playoff teams with almost the same rosters,the Indians might not be at full strength while the Rangers look to be plus at Texas with a healthy lineup.

Prediction- Texas wins 2 out of 3

2.Pirates at Red Sox (Mon. 205pm, Wed, 710pm and Thurs. 135pm) Thursday MLB net. (main game)

Analysis-Both of these teams will battle for playoffs spots, Pittsburgh has the tougher division, but,they can make the wildcard, their roster is decent with McCutchen, Marte, Polanco and Harrison, Boston has to replace David Ortiz with Hanley Ramirez moving to the DH spot and Mitch Moreland or Josh Rutledge at 1st.

Prediction-I like Boston at home but, Pittsburgh gets 1 game. Red Sox 2 out of 3.

3.Cubs at Cardinals (Sun.837pm, Tues.815pm and Wed. 145pm) Sunday  ESPN,Tuesday and Wednesday  MLB Net.(main game)

Analysis-This is a rivalry and should be fun, the Cubs bring back the same team from last season and they will be a serious threat to go far and possibly win it all again, the Cardinals are no slouches with Carpenter and Molina leading them.

Prediction- Cubs 2 out of 3

4.Tigers at White Sox (Mon. 410pm, Tues-Wed, 210pm)

Analysis-The Tigers are on their last hurrah with this roster, they can still make some noise with Verlander and Cabrera but, the last 2 seasons they have under performed. while the White Sox have struggled the last few seasons and right now I dont see any changes this year.

Prediction- Tigers 2 out of 3

5.Mariners at Astros (Mon.-Wed. 810pm)

Analysis-Is this finally the Mariners year to get on track? Roster wise they could be tough with Nelson Cruz and Robinson Cano leading them, while the Astros are a pesky team that will not be a walkover, they added experience in Nrichika Aiki, Carlos Beltran and Brain McCann,

Prediction- 2 out of 3 Astros

Honorable Mention- Braves at Mets (Mon. 110pm, Wed.-Thurs. 710pm) Monday  ESPN  Thursday MLB Net. (main game)

Prediction-Mets sweep.


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