WBC Scores 3/12

  1. Japan 8-6 Netherlands

Thoughts-This was closer than I expected to be quite honest, but, the winner was as expected.


2.Dominican Rep. 8-3Colombia

Thoughts-Do not let the score decieve you, this was a 3-3 game in the 9th before Domincan Repiblic exploded and scored 7 runs in the 11th inning.Dominican Republic has advanced to the next round in San Diego that starts Tuesday.


3.Italy 3-9 Puerto Rico

Thoughts-This was the 1st game Italy was dominated and they look like they are going home, Puerto Rico has shown to be a very good team.


4.Canada  0-8 USA

Thoughts-USA finally played a complete game, while Canada has been a disappointment lacking offense and pitching. USA finishes 2nd in their group and will face the winner of the Italy vs Mexico game Wednesday 9pm in San Diego at Petco Park


5. Mexico 11-9 Venezuela

Thoughts-Great game, between 2 good teams now there will be a 1 game playoff between Italy and Mexico. Venezuela is eliminated.



Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic have advanced to Pool F in San Siego and the 1st game Tuesday 9pm Eastern will pit Puerto Rico against the Dominican Republic.

Italy vs Mexico Monday 9pm MLB Net.

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