WBC Pool F Predictions and Schedule


Where-Petco Park San Diego

TV-MLB Network and mlb.tv

when-March 14th-18 and 19th if tiebreaker needed


Tuesday- Dominican Rep. vs Puerto Rico 9pm

Wednesday- Venezuela vs USA 9pm

Thursday-Venezuela vs Dominican Rep. 10pm

Friday- USA vs Puerto Rico 10pm

Saturday-Puerto Rico vs Venezuela 330pm and USA vs Dominican Rep. 10p,

Sunday-Tiebreaker if needed 6pm



Dominican Rep.-

How they make the semis-Keep doing what they did , hit the ball well with the likes of Jose Bautista, Nelson Cruz and Manny Machado that should not be an issue

How they falter-  Their bats go cold, and the decent pitching (their only issue) falters

Projection-They finish 1st in Pool F


How they make the semis-Their bats stay hot, after a sluggish Colombia game, their bats came alive and they played to their potential and their pitching lead by Marcus Stroman keeps the games close

How they falter-Their bullpen blows game like it did against Dominican Republic

Projection- I have them 3rd and out, they lose to Puerto Rico and Dominican Rep. but, beat Venezuela

Puerto Rico-

How they make the semis-Their bats keep hot, their offense was great in Pool D, lead y Carlos Beltran and Francisco Lindor, each game they won pretty easily but, now they leave Mexico for a more pitcher friendly park in San Diego (Jalisco was 335 down the lines and 415 in center, while Petco is 357 lf, 391 rf and 396 center.

How they falter-Their bats do not do as well in a more pitcher friendly park and they do not score as money runs against tougher teams

Projection-They finish 2nd , but, I could see USA advancing


How they make the semis-They won  a tiebreaker game over Italy and they thought Mexico eliminated them but, after calculations were done they made the tie breaker game, so they can take the underdog role, and also use their good bats to make a run

How they falter-They run out of gas and struggle in San Diego

Projection-In a tough group they finish 4th


E- Japan and Netherlands advance

F- Dominican Rep. and Puerto Rico advance

Semis- Japan vs PR and Dominican Rep. vs Netherlands

Final-Japan vs Dominican Rep.

Winner-Dominican Rep.



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