WBC Scores 3/11

Colombia 4-1 Canada

Colombia-They were able to score runs early and get a nice cushion

Canada-Their pitching was decent but, they have no offense and now they are virtually done and going home after tomorrow against USA

Turning Point-

1.The quick start for Colombia set the tone early on

Venezuela 11-10 Italy 10 innings

Venezuela-I give them alot of credit, they were down 5-0 and battled hard to tie it 5-5 then they got the winning run to make it 11-10 after Itlay came back down 10-8

Italy-They had a 5-0 and blew it, but, they did not quit, they are not the best team in the tournament but, they do play hard

Turning Point-

1.Alcides Escobar’s double brought Venezuela back from a 5-0 deficit

2.Italy scored 2 runs down to tie the game 10-10

3. Veneuzla took the lead on a Martin Prado double to tie the game 10-10

USA 5-7 Dominican Rep.

USA-They played well until the 8th inning, then Andrew Miller gave up back to back hrs to Nelsom Cruz and Sterling Marte, tomorrow against Canada is now a must win game.

Dominican Rep.- They did not play well until the 8th inning, they have the bats that you can never count out.

Turning Point-

1.Back to Back home runs in the 8th was the difference

Puerto Rico 9-4 Mexico

Puerto Rico-They continue to stay hot, beating Mexico 9-4, they came out and got the crowd quiet early.

Mexico-They are in deep trouble and have a good chance to not advance, their pitching has not been up to par.

Turning Point-

1.When the game was 6-4 Javier Baez hit a 3 run hr to open the game up

Cuba 1-3 Israel

Cuba-Their bats could not get going at all

Israel-This is a huge win, they still have to face 2 tough teams, but, if they beat Netherlands I see them advancing and who would have thought that.

Turning Point-

1. With the game 1-1, Israel scored 2 runs to make it 3-1


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