WBC Scores 3/9

Korea 11-8 Taipei 10 innings


1.The only thing this does is put Korea in 3rd and Taipei in 4th.

Turning Point-

1.Taekyun Kim’s 2 run hr made it 11-8 Korea, after Taipei came back down 8-3 to the the game 8-8, Korea scores 3 runs in the top of the 10th including the home run to win the game 11-8.

Canada 2-9 Dominican Rep.


1.This is exactly happened that Canada did not want to happen,the Dominicans came out fast and took the game from Canada early

2.Canada really had no chance against the bats of the Dominican Republic a much better team.

Turning point-

1.Dominican Republic scores 4 runs in the 1st including Wellington Castillo whose 2 run hr made the game 3-0

2. With a 5-2 lead Jose Bautista hit a 3 run homerun for the Dominican Rep. making the game 8-2

Up Next- Saturday, Noon- Canada vs Colombia and 7pm- USA vs Dominican Rep.

Mexico 9-10 Italy


1.Wow, Italy scores 5 runs in the 9th to win the game, this was against Roberto Osuna Mexico’s closer.

2.Italy won the game on John Andreoli’s single to score 2 runs to win the game 10-9

Turning Point-

1.John Androeli’s simgle wins the game for Italy 10-9

Up Next- Saturday, Venezuela vs Italy 3pm (MLB Net.) and Puerto Rico vs Mexico 930pm (MLB Net.)

Up Next

Australlia 3-4  Cuba


1.Australia could not capilitize on runners in scoring position and that hurt them

3.Alfredo Despaigne’s grand slam was the only runs Cuba needed to win.


1.What a day with the upset of Italy over Mexico

2. In Group A Israel finishes 1st and Netherlands finishes 2nd

3.In group B Japan finishes 1st and Cuba finishes 2nd

The 2nd rd is set for the Tokyo Dome

1.Saturday has Cuba vs Israel at 10pm

2.Sunday has Japan vs Netherlands at 7am


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