WBC Predictions 3/9

430am-S. Korea vs Chinese Taipei

Prediction-Korea 5-0

5am-Australia vs China (MLB Net.)

Prediction- 4-1 Australia, better hitting team

Note- I will do in depth predictions for Groups C and D

6pm-Canada vs Dominican Rep. (MLB Net.)

Canada-To win tbis game, they will need their pitching to be good, Ryan Dempster is their starter, he needs to do good for 3 -4 innings, and the bullpen needs to do well. If the game gets high scoring that could be trouble, their offense is decent but, not great lead by Freddie Freeman and Rene Tosoni.  I expect a pro Dominican crowd at Marlins Park, that also will be a dis advantage.

Dominican Rep.-They need to come out fast, take the game away from Canada, they have the better offense, if , they can not open the game up and leave Canada in the game, then its anyones game, they have to start fast and use the pro crowd to an advantage.Offensively they are the better team.

Prediction- Ryan Dempster does a good job keeping Canada in the game, then the bullpen does well until the 6th inning, then the Dominicans take over.

Score- 5-2 Dominican Rep.

9pm-Mexico vs Italy Estadio Charros de Jalisco (MLB Net.)

Mexico-They are the home team and that is advantage, their roster is good especially pitching with Oliver Perez, Sergio Romo, Vidal Nuno, their offense will come from veteran Adrian Gonzalez and Chris Roberson

Italy-They are underdogs in this game, but, do not count them out at all, they have Brandom Nimmo, Gavin Cecchini who are 2 good prospects and veterans Francisco Cervelli and Drew Butera. They will have to follow the Canada formula to win here, keep the crowd out of the game and try to score some late runs to get the win.

Prediction- Mexico has all the advantages and I see them getting the win, Italy keeps it close for about 4 innings, before Mexico takes over and wins easily.

Score- 5-1 Mexico


5am-Japan vs China Tokyo Dome (MLB Net.)

6pm- USA vs Colombia  Marlins Park (MLB Net.)

9pm- Venezuela vs Puerto Rico Estadio Charros de Jalisco (MLB Net.)


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