Groups C and D WBC Schedule


Venue- Marlins Park

TV- MLB Network and

Announcers- Matt Vasgerian and John Smoltz with JP Morosi field level (USA games) and Scott Braun and Cliff Floyd (non USA games)

Thursday- Canada vs Dominican Rep.6pm

Friday-  Colombia vs USA 6pm

Saturday- Colombia vs Canada Noon and USA vs Dominican Rep. 630pm

Sunday-Dominican Rep. vs Colombia 1230pm and Canada vs USA 7pm

Monday-Tiebreaker if needed 6pm

Games from best to worst-

1. USA vs Dominican Rep. Saturday 630pm

2. USA vs Canada Sunday 7pm

3.Canada vs Dominican Rep. Thursday 6pm

4.Colombia vs Canada  Saturday Noon

5.Colombia vs USA Friday 6pm

6.Dominican Rep. vs Colombia Saturday 1230pm

Advances- Dominican Rep. and USA


Venue- Estadio de Charros Jalisco, Guadalajara Mexico

TV- MLB Network and

Announcers- Gary Thorne and Jose Mota (all games)

Thursday- Mexico vs Italy 9pm

Friday- Venezuela vs Puerto Rico 9pm

Saturday- Venezuela vs Italy 3pm and Puerto Rico vs Mexico 930pm

Sunday-Italy vs Puerto Rico 330pm and Mexico vs Venezuela  9pm

Monday- Tiebreaker if needed 9pm

Games from best to worst-

1.Venezuela vs Puerto Rico Thursday 9pm

2.Mexico vs Venezuela Friday 9pm

3.Puerto Rico vs Mexico Saturday 930pm

4.Mexico vs Italy Thursday 9pm

5.Venezuela vs Italy Saturday 3pm

6.Italy vs Puerto Rico Sunday 330pm

Advances- Venezuela and Mexico



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