WBC Thoughts 3/7

1.The Groups are aligned well,

A-Israel, S, Korea, Chinese Taepei and Netherlands (all 4 teams can win this group and finish 2nd to advance)

B-Japan, China, Australia and Cuba (This is Japan’s to lose, 2nd place is between Cuba and Australia)

C- USA, Dominican Rep., Canada and Colombia (other than Colombia any of the other 3 can advance, I have the Dominicans and USA advancing, but, Canada advancing would not shock me at all)

D-Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy and Venezuela (just like A, any 4 teams can win this, Itlay has a decent team and the other 3 are tough)

2.Isreael has made a statement knocking off Chinese Taipei and South Korea

3.Round 2 will be tough with Japan, Cuba, Israel and Netherands (I like Japan here with Cuba 2nd). Then the other group should have Dominican Rep. , USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico  (I like the Dominicans but, do not count out USA or Puerto Rico)

4. This year is wide open and a bunch can win it, 1.Japan, 2.Dominican Rep., 3.USA and 4.Puerto Rico are my choices to win in ranking order


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