MLB Thoughts 6/28

AL East-

1.This is what I expected a 3 team race between Boston, Baltimore and the resurgent Blue Jays.

2.The best team right now is Baltimore, they are well prepared and with Davis and Machado they will be fine.

AL Central-

1.The Indians have been a surprise team, but, they  played well and are a threat.

2.The Royals’ pitching has been their weakness this season, but, do not count them out.

AL West-

1.Texas has dominated this division and they have a firm lock on it

2.Houston is playing better but. are not good enough while Seattle had  a nice run, but fell apart

NL East-

1.The Nationals have been the team to beat, with their pitching being good this season

2.The Mets’ are good but, injuries have lead them to be a wildcard contender this season

NL Central-

1.The Cubs are the best team in baseball going away

NL West-

1.The Giants mix of pitching and hitting have them with a 7 game lead over the Dodgers

2.The Dodgers are good but, not at the Giants level.


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