MLB TV Schedule 6/27-7/4

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MLB Net.-Dodgers at Pirates 1235pm

MLB Net.-Mets at Nationals 705pm or Cubs at Reds 710pm

ESPN-Astros at Angels 1005pm


MLB Net.-Mets at Nationals 705pm or Red Sox at Rays 710pm


MLB Net.-Marlins at Tigers 110pm  or Cubs at Reds 1235pm (game will be seen in Cincy.)

MLB Net.-Orioles at Padres 340pm (jip after Tigers game) or Phillies at Dbacks 340pm (jip after early game)

ESPN2- Mets at Nationals 705pm


MLB Net.-Rangers at Yankees 105pm or Dodgers at Brewers 210pm

MLB Net.-Cubs at Mets 710pm or Royals at Cardinals 715pm


MLB Net.-Indians at Blue Jays 107pm

MLB Net.-Cubs at Mets 710pm  or Royals at Phillies 705pm


MLB Net.-Indians at Blue Jays 107pm or Brewers at Cardinals 215pm

Fox-Cubs at Mets, Angels at Red Sox and Reds at Nationals (regional coverage)

FS1- Yankees at Padres 1010pm


MLB Net.-Cubs at Mets 110pm or Indians at Blue Jays 107pm

ESPN-Marlins at Braves 705pm

Monday 4th of July-

MLB Net.- Brewers at Nationals 1105am (game will be seen in Milwaukee)

MLB Net.-Angels at Rays 110pm (jip after 1st game)

ESPN-Tigers at Indians 710pm

MLB Net.-Orioles at Dodgers 1010pm or Padres at Dbacks 1010pm




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