AL Thoughts 6/1

AL East-

1.The Yankees need their bats do be better, if they expect to make any noise this season at all, their pitching is not bad, but, Arod has shown his age, Beltran has not hit well as well as Teixeira also has not done well.

2.Boston has been good as expected, Jackie Bradley Jr., has been good, and Ortiz has hit well for his last season, I see them making noise all season.

3.Baltimore has been good as well which under Buck Showalter is no surprise

4.Toronto has not gotten the pitching they had last season, but, do not count them out at all, the talent is there.


1.The Royals have bounced back from their slow start, they are too talented not to be up at the top, with almost the same roster as last season, they will be fine.

2.The White Sox are also a team that is playing well, they also have the talent to make a run as well.

3.The biggest disappointment is the Tigers, they are under 500 and should be better


1.The biggest surprise was the Mariners playing well after a slow start, they do have the hitting but, can their pitching hold up?

2.The Rangers have been good as well, Cole Hammels has came back from a few bad season and the team has started to play well.

3.The Angels’ pitching has been bad and I thought that could be their issue.



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