MLB Best Series 5/9-16


1.Mets at Dodgers (Monday-Thursday 1010pm)

NLDS rematch

2.Tigers at Nationals (Monday-Wednesday 705pm)

The Nats struggled losing 4 to the Cubs, can they bounce back against a good hitting Tigers team?

3.White Sox at Rangers (Monday-Tuesday 805pm and Wednesday 205pm)

2 teams that are in 1st

4.Blue Jays at Giants (Monday-Tuesday 1015pm and Wednesday 345pm)

2 teams near the 500 mark but, are talented

5. Cardinals at Angels (Tuesday-Thursday 1005pm)

A decent interleague matchup


1.Tigers at Orioles- (Thursday-Saturday 705pm and Sunday 135pm)

I expect runs here as these 2 teams can hit

2.Pirates at Cubs (Friday -Sunday 220pm)

NL Central rivals

3.Cardinals at Dodgers (Friday 1010pm, Saturday 910pm and Sunday 410pm)

2 teams that should be in the playoffs




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