Mets and Yankees Week Ahead 5/9-16



1.4 games at the Dodgers (Monday-Thursday 1010pm)

Pitching-Matz vs Kazmir, DeGrom vs Wood, Syndergaard vs Maeda and Colon vs Kershaw

Thoughts-The Dodgers will be no walk over, they have a good roster with Puig and Gonzalez being their best players, plus, the Dodgers would want revenge from last season’s playoff loss to the Mets, the Dodgers moved Kershaw up a day so he will now face the Mets on Thursday instead of Ross Stripling , the Mets counter with Bartolo Colon.

Prediction- split, Mets win Monday and Wednesday

2.3 games at Rockies (Friday  840pm and Saturday -Sunday 410pm)

Pitching-Harvey vs Gray, Matz vs Butler  and Degrom vs Chatwood

Thoughts-The Rockies are a younger team than before, they do have some talent lead  by Trevor Story, Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez

Prediction- Mets win 2 games, they lose Sunday


1.4 games vs the Royals (Monday-Thursday 705pm)

Pitching- Young vs Nova, Medlen vs Tanaka, Ventura vs Pineda and Kennedy vs Evoldi

Thoughts-The defending champs are struggling right now, they have not hit the ball well and their pitching has been sub par. They do return the same roster from last season so you can never count them out.

Prediction-split, Yankees win Tuesday and Wednesday

2.3 games vs the White (Friday 705pm, Saturday-Sunday 105pm)

Pitching-Sale vs Severino,  Rondon vs Nova and M. Gonzalez  vs Tanaka

Thoughts-The White Sox are red hot and they have a good team with Jose Abreu, Todd Frazier and Adam Eaton.

Prediction-White Sox win 2 out of 3, Yankees only win is Sunday.



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