Whats Ahead For The Mets and Yankees 5/3

Credit-http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/ and http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/schedule


1.4 games at the Padres (Thursday 1010pm, Friday 1010pm, Saturday 910pm and Sunday 410pm)

Report-The Padres are not a good team to be quite honest, they have good hitting witb veteran Matt Kemp and Will Myers , but, after that not much else. The Padres rely on those 2 guys to do most of the work, they have not gotten much from Upton or Alexei Ramirez yet. Their pitching is decent but, nothing great with Colin Rae, Drew Pomeranz , James Shields and Andrew Cashner starting against the Mets .Their closer is Fernando Rodney.

Overall-They have started to play better after the slow start, the key is keeping Will Myers and Matt Kemp from doing damage as they are their main go 2 guys.The Padres lack hitting depth and that is their problem. Their pitching has been good, they just need their hitting to pick up.

Pitching-DeGrom vs Rae, Syndergaard vs Pomeranz, Colon vs Shields and Harvey vs Cashner.

Thoughts-This will be a series won on pitching, the Mets have the pitchers to keep games low scoring which against the Padres is what you need to win most of their wins comes when teams score more than 4-5 runs, they do not win many low scoring games.

Prediction- 2-2 split, the Mets will face their best pitchers in Rae, Pomeranz and Cashner all have 2 wins.

2.4 games at the Dodgers (Monday-Thursday 1010pm)

Report-The Dodgers will be a tough task for the Mets, they have struggled recently but, the talent is there, with veterans Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley plus Yasiel Puig as well. Corey Seager and Joc Pederson are having good seasons so far for them. The good news for the Mets is Kershaw goes Sunday at Toronto so he will miss the Mets series, they get Kenta Maeda in their 3rd game at Dodger Stadium. Kenley Jensen is their closer. Their pen is decent other than J.P. Howell and Chris Hatcher who are struggling.

Overall-The talent is there for the Dodgers its just getting the wins, as their hitting has been weak recently, during the losing stretch which including 4 home losses to the Marlins last week. The talent is there with Puig, Utley and Gonzalez, but, they need them to start hitting better to be a serious threat, their starting  pitching is fine with Kershaw, Maeda and Wood leading them.

Thoughts-This all depends on which Dodgers team shows up, the one that can hit the ball well or the one that is slumping. The Dodgers pitching is good, but, keep Puig and Gonzalez from doing damage and hope that Utley or Seager do not have good games and then you can beat them.

Pitching-Matz vs Kazmir, DeGrom vs Wood, Syndergaard vs Maeda and Colon vs Stripling.

Prediction-The Mets win 3 from the Dodgers, I do not see the Dodgers hitting well against the Mets’ pitching.


1.3 games vs Boston (Friday 705pm, Saturday 105pm and Sunday 805pm)

Report-Boston has been playing well recently after a slow start. They have a good roster with David Ortiz playing in his last season, plus Dustin Pedroia, and young player Travis Shaw who is at 3rd base with Pablo Sandoval out for the season. They have a good experienced roster. The Yankees will see both aces as Porcello goes Friday and Price Saturday. Their closer is Craig Kimbrel.

Overall-Boston has a nice mix of veterans win Pederoia, Oritz and Hanley Ramirez, and some good young talent in CF Jackie Bradley, LF Brock Holt and RF Mookie Betts. They have the power Ortiz, but have more speed now with Betts and SS Xavier Bogarts. Their pitching is decent with Price and Porcello being their main guys, Kimbrel is good but, can blow saves at times.

Thoughts-The Yankees are struggling and Boston is a tough team, they have the experience and some good young players, their one weak spot has been  the bullpen, but they have improved recently after a slow start.

Pitching- Porcello vs Pineda, Price vs Evoldi and Wright vs Severino.

Prediction- Red Sox sweep the Yankees. Unless the Yankees beat one of their 2 top guys the 1st 2 days I do not see them getting a win.

2.4 vs the Royals (Monday-Thursday 705pm)

Report-KC is not a power hitting team like Boston is they are more of a small ball team, they do have a power threat in Mike Moustakas who has 7 hrs, with Eric Hosmer and Salvador Perez with 4hrs, but, they are not known for their power hitting, they are known for doing the small things right and playing a sound game.

Overall-They are defending champs, but, have struggled recently, their pitching has been not as good as last season, and they are not a high scoring team, they usually win games scoring about 3 or 4 runs, do not expect high scoring games as that’s not their style.

Thoughts-The Royals would like to win games ugly, playing small ball and winning on fundamentals. They score only 90 runs so far and have given up 88 runs . To beat them you have to be smart and get some runs, they did win 7-6 Tuesday over the Nationals but, other than 5 times they won when they scored more than 5 times, they like to keep the score 3 or 4 runs.

Pitching- Young vs Sabathia, Medlen vs Tanaka,  Ventura vs Pineda and Kennedy vs Evoldi.


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