MLB Rankings and Thoughts 5/1


1.The Mets have played well the last week other than losing Sunday, sweeping the Reds and 2 out of 3 from the Giants is no easy feat, now they have the Braves at home then the dreaded west trip at Padres and at Dodgers.

2.The Yankees are on the other end, losing to Boston all 3 games and losing 2 out of 3 from the Rangers is just bad, they are 8-15 and they are better than this. Now they are at Baltimore then host Boston.

3.The Twins are also bad, but, I expected that with the young team they have. Last year was a fluke sadly.

4. Houston is in the same boat, last year was one of those miracle runs and now also back to normal

5.The NL has a team 12-12 in 1st place in the Rockies, Giants and Dodgers are tied for 2nd at 13-13 go figure.

Top 10:

1.Cubs, 2.Nationals, 3.White Sox, 4.Mets, 5.Tigers, 6.Red sox, 7.Royals,8.Rangers. 9.Phillies and 10. Rockies

Next 2- Dodgers and Giants

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