MLB Rankings and Thoughts 4/24


1.Cubs, 2.Nationals,3.Orioles, 4.White Sox, 5.Royals, 6.Mets, 7.Dodgers, 8.Cardinals 9.Rangers and 10.Indians

In-Mets, Indians  and Rangers

Out-Tigers, Red Sox and Giants


Mets-They have played better doing well on their road trip in Cleveland, Philadelphia and Atlanta, their pitching and bats are coming around

Indians-They went into a tough place in Detroit and swept them.

Note-There was a close race for 10th as the A’s, Rockies, Pirates and Red Sox are all close to the 10th spot.

Rangers-Not really a good week, but, they are in 1st in the AL West


1.Tigers-They have not done well for a team with a good roster, getting swept by the Indians at home is not a good look.

2.Red Sox-After a good start, their pitching has been suspect

3.Giants-See the Red Sox, I thought they would be contenders.


1.The Astros have fallen back to being their old selves, their bats have not done well and the pitching has been giving up runs.

2.The Yankees go to Fenway next weekend in what will be a test for both teams as both have been decent to say the least.

3.The Mets have turned it around after a slow start, sweeping the Braves in Atlanta. and winning 2 out of 3 at Philadelphia and Cleveland leads to a good road trip, now they return home to face the Reds at Citifield.



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