MLB Rankings and Ramblings 4/17

AL Top 5:

1.Orioles, 2.Royals, 3.White Sox, 4.Tigers and 5.Red Sox

NL Top 5:

1.Nationals, 2.Cubs, 3.Dodgers, 4.Giants and 5.Cardinals


1.Nationals, 2.Cubs,3.Orioles, 4.Royals, 5.Dodgers, 6.Giants, 7.White Sox, 8.Tigers, 9.Red Sox and 10.Cardinals


1.The Orioles keep playing well and winning the games I though they would have issue with, the Red Sox are next at Fenway and that’s a test.

2.The Nationals have the tools to make the playoffs, they just need to be consistent through the season

3.The best race will be the AL Central with 3 good teams in the White Sox, Tigers and Royals.


Good Week-1. Orioles , 2.Mariners and 3.Red Sox

The O’s keep playing well, 2.The Mariners won 2 from the tough Yankees and Boston is pesky.

Bad Week- 1.Yankees, 2.Astros and 3.Twins

The Yankees have not played well yet, the Astros do not look like last years team and have back to being bad again and the Twins have played better but, still a bad start.


Good Week-1.Nationals, 2.Cubs and 3.Reds

The Nationals are hot, the Cubs are the best team right now and the Reds are playing better than I expected.

Bad Week-1.Braves, 2.Padres and 3.Marlins

The Braves are young, the Padres are horrible and the Marlins I thought would be better than they are so far.


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