MLB TV Schedule


MLB Net.- Blue Jays at Red Sox 1105am (Patriots Day)

ESPN-Cubs at Cardinals 809pm


MLB Net.-Brewers at Twins 110pm (MN and WI Markets will get a prime 9 marathon)

MLB Net.-Cubs at Cardinals 815pm (or Astros at Rangers 805pm)


MLB Net.-Cubs at Cardinals 145pm (or Rockies at Reds 1240pm)

ESPN-Tigers at Royals 715pm


MLB Net.-Dodgers at Braves 1210pm (or Mariners at Indians 1210pm)

MLB Net.-Astros at Rangers 805pm (or Pirates at Padres 910pm game will be seen in Pittsburgh)


MLB Net.-Red Sox at Astros 810pm (or Orioles at Royals 815pm)


MLB Net.-Rays at Yankees 105pm (or A’s at Blue Jays 107pm)

FS1-Red Sox at Astros 405pm

MLB Net.-Orioles at Royals 715pm (or Cubs at Reds 710pm)

MLB Net.-Marlins at Giants 910pm (or Mariners at Angels 905pm)-these games will be jip after the 7pm games so I would say around 10pm or so they will be joined.


MLB Net.-Indians at Tigers 110pm (or Rays at Yankees 105pm)

ESPN-Red Sox at Astros 805pm


The secondary  games are the games seen in the markets of the main game and also sometimes a certain market like Pittsburgh is getting the Pirates at Padres game because of Hockey on Root Sports. The secondary  game will also be seen in the division market at times so areas of the team’s  rivals could get the game over the main game as well.

If the main game is rained out you will get MLB Tonight and not the secondary game.



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