MLB TV Primer


1.ESPN carries the a game on Monday Nights.

2.MLB Network will sometimes have a special game (example Patriots Day at 1105am Blue Jays at Red Sox)


1.MLB Network has a night game


1.ESPN has a night game

2.MLB Network will sometimes show a day game


1.MLB Network will have a day and night game


1.MLB Network will have a night game


1.FS1 will have a game most Saturdays at 405pm and some 705pm games as well

2.Fox will have a game at 715pm during the summer and the last 2 weekends in September.

3.MLB Network will have a 1pm game and sometimes a game joined in progress after Fox game.


1.TBS will have a game each Sunday starting in July, MLB Network will have the early season day game.

2.ESPN has their game of the week at 805pm each Sunday Night.


1.MLB Network will have a secondary game on at the time of the main game, this game will be seen in the home markets of the main game and also markets of the secondary games rival (example Boston might get the Blue Jays game since Boston is a rival of the Blue Jays)



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