Favorite MLB Teams To Watch


1.Boston Red Sox-The tradition of Fenway Park, plus the team can hit the ball well, makes me want to see their games.

2.Toronto Blue Jays-Another team that can hit the ball well and are fun to watch.

3.Houston Astros-A young team with good talent.

4.NY Yankees-I am not a fan of the team, but, they are popular so I can not say otherwise

5.KC Royals-They are not the most exciting team, but, are the defending champs

6.Anaheim Angels-I had to choose 1 west coast team and this is a team I do not mind staying up late for.

7.Oakland A’s-They are a scrappy team that is fun to watch


1.NY Mets-They have very good pitching and are the defending NL Champs

2.Chicago Cubs-With Rizzo and Bryant they are entertaining

3.San Francisco Giants-With the likes of Pence and Posey they are worth staying up late for.

4.LA Dodgers-Especially when they are home with Vin Scully calling the games

5.Miami Marlins-Giancarlo Stanton is worth watching

6.Washington Nationals-With the likes of Bryce Harper and others they are competitive

7.St. Louis Cardinals-Very smart fan base and a very fundamentally sound team

Honorable Mention-

1.Detroit Tigers-Another team that can score runs

2.Baltimore Orioles-Camden Yards is a nice park, plus the Orioles will play hard

3.Pittsburgh Pirates-They remind me of the A’s a scrappy team but, their park is better

4.Cincinnati Reds-Their park is nice, plus Votto and Philips are good.


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