Top 5 Best and Worst Stadiums To Watch On TV

These are my favorite and worst stadiums.


1.Wrigley Field-I love the brick behind homeplate, the ivy on the wall and the Lowry organ. Very old school feel with a modern touch of the new scoreboards.

2.Fenway Park-The Green Monster, the green ways and the Pesky Pole makes this a fun stadium to watch.

3.Dodger Stadium-The Dodger Blue walls and the background makes this an awesome place to watch on TV.

4.AT&T Park-Probably the best scenery in baseball bar none.

5.PNC Park-I like the bridge in the background and the venue comes off well.

Honorable Mention:

1.Camden Yards-Its not new anymore, but, comes off well on TV with the warehouse in right field.

2.Great American Ball Park-Another beautiful park

3. Kauffman Stadium-Its big, but, I love the fountain


1.Tropicana Field-Its dull boring and drab

2. Oco Coliseium-Its a baseball stadium in a football stadium, the fans make the games fun to watch though.

3.Turner Field-Nothing gets me excited to see a game here, other than the chop and the organist Matthew Kaminski makes it fun.

4.Yankee Stadium-I find nothing exciting about watching a game here, its dull no atmosphere and drab.

5.Marlins Park-Its not a bad stadium, just too many colors, I like the fish tank, the organ is good as well, just make the fences blue and get rid of the yellow behind the lower seats and this wont be on this part of the list.

Dishonorable Mention:

1.US Cellular Field-Its too big and dull

2. Anaheim Stadium-It will good a few years ago, the rock pile is good but, other than the its yuck.Who wants to see the freeway over the fence?Boring


1.Citizens Bank Park-Not a bad stadium, just nothing exciting

2.Target Field-Decent park, good view in the outfield

3. Safeco Field-Good park, just needs to be brighter

4..Progressive Field-New scoreboard is nice, the drum is different, just dull other than that.

5.Coors Field-Not a bad park but. nothing exciting other than the rock pile

6. Citifield-The shea bridge is nice, but, thats about it.

Best Organs-

1.Wrigley Field-They do not play alot of rock music which is good, I like Gary Pressly who is a legend there.

2.US Cellular Field-Dull park, but, the organ is good, Lori Moreland does a good job with the good bye song when a hr is hit.

3.Marlins Park-The Organ is the kind that should be in a Hockey Venue with the pipe organ sound, but, its different and thats why Tabby and the Organ make the list.

4.Turner Field-Matthew Kaminski does a good job picking songs to play for opposing players.

5.Dodger Stadium-Dieter Ruehle put in a new Organ, but, he is very good as he also does the Kings and Lakers as well.

6.GABP – John Schute does a good job in Cincinnati as well

7.Yankee Stadium-Paul Cartier and Ed Ahlstrom are good but, they need to play more and less fake music.


1.I put  down only the full time organists that I like

2. Fenway Park’s Josh Kantor is very good but, the Organ is not played during the game just between innings and mostly before the game and after.

3.The Padres and Giants both have part time organists who are also very good as well.

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