Baseball Preview 4/3-10


1.The new opening day begins with 3 games, the 1st game is the Cards at Pirates 1pm on ESPN, then on ESPN2 its the Blue Jays at Rays 405pm and then at 837pm its the Mets at Royals on ESPN.


1.The real opening day begins

2.The best games are the Astros at Yankees 1pm (ESPN), Mariners at Rangers 405pm (ESPN), Dodgers at Padres 710pm (ESPN) and Cubs at Angels 1005pm (ESPN2)


1.Mets finish their 2 game series at the Royals 415pm MLB Networkk.

2.Justin Verlander makes his debut for the Tigers as they open at the Marlins at 705pm.


1.Phillies at Reds 710pm and White Sox at A’s 1005pm are the ESPN2 games


1.The Marlins at Nationals 405pm for the Nat’s home opener

2.Dodgers at Giants 435pm begins the rivalry and also the Giant’s home season


1.More home openers at the Phillies play at Mets 110pm at the same time the Yankees are at Tigers

2.Indians are at White Sox 410pm for the Sox home opener, Padres play at Rockies at 410pm for the Rockies’ home opener and A’s are at Mariners at 1010pm for Seattle’s opener.


1.Red Sox at Blue Jays is another series to watch between what could be 2 top AL East teams.

2.Kershaw vs Baumgarner is a darm good pitching matchup to kick off FS1’s coverage as the Dodgers play at Giants at 405pm


1.Yankees at Tigers 805pm (ESPN) end the 1st week of the Baseball season.


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