Mets, Yankees and Playoff Predictions



Starters-They probably have the best rotation in Baseball with Harvey,Syndergaard,DeGrom, Matz and Colon.Plus they get Zach Wheeler back in July to add more depth

Bullpen- Jeurys Famila is the closer for the team.The rest of the pen is good with Robles, Bastardo and set up man Addison Reed. The pen is decent but, nothing great.


Lineup-Granderson RF,Walker 2B, Wright 3B, Cespedes CF,D’Arnaud C,.Duda 1B, Conforto LF, Caberera SS and Pitcher. This is a decent lineup that can get the job done.

Bench-Wilmer Flores IF, Juan Lagares OF, Matt Reynolds IF, Kevin Pawlecki C and Alejandro De Aza. Decent but, nothing great.


They will be playoff bound, I have them as the NL East champs beating the Nationals for that spot, I can easily see them in the World Series, their pitching can lead them there.



Starters-Pineda, Tanaka,Sabathia, Eovaldi and Severino. They have question marks in Sabathia and Tanaka, talent wise if they stay healthy they could be tough but, questions are there.

Bullpen-Andrew Miller will be the closer to start, until Aroldis Chapamn’s suspension ends, they have a better bullpen than last season.


Lineup-Ellsbury CF, Gardner LF, Beltran RF, Teixeria 1B, Arod DH, McCann, Headley 3B, Gregorius SS and Castro 2B. The top part of the lineup is old, the back side is young, if the veterans can reach full potential they can be good but, I dont see them hitting full potential.

Bench-Romine C, Ackley IF, Hicks OF and Refsnyder IF. This is a weakness other than Aaron Hicks and his speed nothing to write home about.


They will battle for a wild card spot but, miss out.


AL East-Blue Jays,Orioles, Yankees, Red Sox and Rays.

AL Central-Royals,White Sox, Tigers,Indians and Twins

AL West-Astros,Angels.Rangers,A’s and Rangers

Wildcard-Angels and White Sox (Orioles and Yankees 3rd and 4th)


WC Game-Angels over White Sox

Div.-Royals over Angels in 4 and Blue Jays over Astros in 5

Champ.-Royals over Jays in 6.

NL East-Mets,Nats,Marlins,Phillies and Braves

NL Central-Cubs, Cardinals, Pirates,Brewers and Reds

NL West-Giants,Dodgers,Padres,Dbacks and Rockies

Wildcard-Cardinals and Nationals (Dodgers 3rd and Pirates 4th)


WC Game-Cardinals over Nationals

Div.-Mets over Cardinals in 5 and Cubs over Giants in 4

Champ.-Mets over Cubs in 6

WS-Mets over Royals in 7.




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