National League Predictions


1.Mets, 2.Nationals, 3.Marlins 4.Braves and 5.Phillies

1.This is the Mets’ division to lose, they have the pitching to go far, the bats should be ok and as long as they stay healthy they win the East.

2.The Nats made changes with Daniel Murphy joining them as well as Ben Revere. I just do not see them beating the Mets.

3.The rest will be close as the Braves, Marlins and Phillies will be all right there for 3rd, I like the Marlins a lil better but, its close.


1.Cubs, 2.Cardinals, 3.Pirates, 4.Brewers and 5. reds

1.The Cubs are the best team here, they had a very good 2015 and will get better.They added Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward to an already good team, plus they added John Lackey to a good rotation.

2.The Cards will be good once again,they have Matt Holiday and a very good team just not as good as St. Louis

3.The Pirates will be right there as always, I see them in the wild card race.

4.The Brewers and the Reds are bottom teams not much to say.


1.Giants, 2.Dodgers, 3.Padres, 4,.Dbacks and 5. Rockies

1.I am taking the Giants over the Dodgers, I like the Giants’ pitching better and I feel they are the better team.

2.The Padres will be good if they can stay healthy they have a decent team.

4.The Dbacks and Rockies are bottom teams but, Arizona has some good young talent,


WC- Pirates vs Nationals-Pirates win

NLDS- Mets over Pirates in 4 and Cubs over Giants in 4

NLCS- Mets over Cubs in 6


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