American League Predictions


1.Blue Jays, 2.Red Sox, 3. Orioles, 4.Yankees and 5.Rays

1.This is a close race, I see Boston bouncing back after last season, they added David Price, they have good team. Toronto is right up there with them  as they can hit the ball well and if their pitching is good, they can go far.

3.Baltimore will be decent as they have a good hitting team and will play a smart game.

3.The Yankees’  I am not sold on, their pitching is good but, has holes, they could finish 3rd if things go right or 5th if they go bad.The Rays have Longoria and not much else.


1.Royals, 2.White Sox, 3.Tigers, 4.Twins and 5.Indians

1.Last season I under estimated the Royals, this year I will not do that again, they have the same team as last season and I see them winning the division.

2.The White Sox added Brett Lowrie and Todd Frazier to a good team, if they can get the pitching I see them in the playoff mix.

3.The Tigers are right up there, but, they are not as good as the top 2 teams, their pitching is decent but, other than Verlander, I am not sure on them.

4.The Twins, are the same team as last year, I think they finish .500 but, not playoff ready yet, I would say give them 2 years, the young players need to develop yet,. while the Indians are not good at all.


1.Astros,2.Angels, 3.A’s, 4.Mariners and 5. Rangers

1.The Astros are young, but, they kept the nucleus togther and I see them winning a close race for the West.

2.I like the Angels if they can stay healthy with Trout and a good team

3.The A’s will always play hard. not the best team but, they will be tough to beat

4.I like the Mariners but, not sold on their pitching after Hernandez

5. The Rangers have some good talent like Cole Hamels, and Josh Hamilton they could finish anywhere from 3-5th.


WC-White Sox over Red Sox

ALDS- Royals over White Sox in 4 and Blue Jays over Astros in 5

ALCS- Royals over Blue Jays in 6

WS- Mets over Royals in 6


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