MLB Thoughts 6/18

1. I am interested how Byron Buxton develops for the Twins, he is young but, the scouts love him and his speed.

2. The hottest team right now in the AL is Houston as they have bounced back after a bad stretch winning 5 in a row, although they are beating bad teams (the Rockies for example) they head to Seattle and Anaheim this weekend and early next week before they host the Yankees, so that is a test for them.

3.The Pirates are starting their traditional hot streak in June, they are a good team and I am not shocked.

4. On the other side, the Phillies lost 9 in a row and I expected that, they are not good,

5. The other bads teams are the White Sox, Rockies, Brewers and Red Sox

6. The Red Sox I did not expect to see them there, the White Sox I was never really sold on.

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