MLB Best Series 6/15-18

Most Series are 4 games with 2 games at each venue as this is interleague week

1.Braves vs Red Sox- (Monday and Tuesday at Fenway, Wednesday and Thursday at Turner) 710pm all games

2. Cardinals vs Twins (Monday and Tuesday at Cards, Wednesday and Thursday at Twins) Monday 815pm, Tuesday 145pm, Wednesday 810pm and Thursday 110pm

3.Dodgers vs Rangers (Monday and Tuesday at Rangers, Wednesday and Thursday at Dodgers) Monday-Tuesday 805pm and Wednesday and Thursday 1010pm


Monday- 710pm Braves at Red Sox ESPN

Tuesday- 410pm- Braves at Red Sox or Mariners at Giants 345pm MLB Net.

Tuesday-710pm- Blue Jays at Mets or Nationals at Rays 710pm MLB Net.

Tuesday- 1005pm- Dbacks at Angels

Wednesday- Rays at Nationals 705pm ESPN

Thursday- Cardinals at Twins 110pm (can be seen in MN) or Orioles at Phillies 105pm MLB Net.

Thursday – 1010pm Rangers at Dodgers 1010pm or Giants at Mariners 1010pm

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