CWS Day 1 Review and Day 2 Preview

Day 1:

Virginia 5-3 Arkansas

Thoughts- This is what I exepected a close game that Virginia won, Arkansas had a 3-1 lead but, Virginia came back and won

Miami 3-15 Florida

Thoughts- This is why I liked Florida to win it all, they can hit and pitch, I did not see this game being this way

Up Next-

Monday 3pm- Arkansas vs Miami (elimination game) ESPN2

Prediction- Miami wins a close one

Monday 8pm- Florida vs Virginia ESPN2

Prediction- Florida wins but, its closer than the Miami game, you would want to win this game, because if you win this you are off until Friday, if you lose, you play the winner of the elimination game on Wednesday at 8pm.

3pm- TCU vs LSU  ESPN

TCU (19-13)- They are lead by CF Cody Jones with an average of .371 , they are not a home run hitting team with their best player C Evan Skoug only has 7.I noticed that they have alot of doubles that they hit. Pitching they are lead by Preston Morrison with an era of 2.55 and a record of 11-3, Mitchell Traver has an era of 1.60 with a record of 9-2, Alex Young has an era of 2.31 with a record also of 9-2 and Tyler Alexander with an era of 2.86 and a record of 2.86.Their closer is pitcher of the year Riley Ferrell  with 15 saves.and an era of 0.79

LSU (53-10)- Their hitting is lead by CF Andrew Stevenson with an average of .365 and 1B Chris Chinea has a average of .355 and 11 homeruns, Pitching they are lead by 2 pitchers Alex Lange who has an era of 1.89 and a record of 11-0, Jared Poche with an era of 2.91 and a record of 9-1, if they go to a 3rd pitcher Jake Godrey has 9 starts with an era of 4.70 and a record of 7-1.

Prediction- This is a battle of pitching for both teams, who ever is able to crack the other teams pitcher will win, neither team is a power team so I expect another low scoring pitchers duel.

Score- 1-0 LSU

8pm- Vandy vs Cal. St. Fullerton

Vandy (47-19) – Their hitting is lead by SS Dansby Swanson who was the 1st pick in the draft by the Dbacks and has an average of .350 and 15 homeruns, RF Rhett Wiseman has an aveage of .318 with 14 homeruns and 1B Zander Weil with an average of .316 and 14 homeruns. Their pitching is 3 deep with Carson Fulmer who has an era of 1.82 and a record of 13-2, Walker Buehler who has an era of 2.97 and a record of 4-2, John Kilchowski has an era of 2.97 an a record of 3-3, if they go 4 deep  Phillip Pfeifer (7 starts) has an era of 4.09 with a record of 5-4. Their closer is also their 4th most starter with Phillip Pfeifer with 5 saves. I see them only using 3 with the format they use.

Fullerton (39-23)- Their hitting is lead by LF Josh Vargas with an average of .340 and DH Davi Olmedo-Barrera with 10 homeruns. Their pitching is 4 deep with  Thomas Eshelman with an era of 1.58 and a record of 8-5, John Gavin has an era of 3.66 and a record of 7-3, Connor Seabold has an era of 2.84 and a record of 5-3 and Justin Garza has an era of 3.05 and a record of 4-3. Their closer is Tyler Peltzmeier with 16 saves.

Prediction- Vandy is much better, played in a tougher conference and has the better players and numbers to back it up. I know Call St. Fullerton will play hard and be tough, but, Vandy is better and will win.

Score- 6-2 Vandy

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