MLB Thoughts 6/10


1.The Twins had a bad week losing 3 straight to the Royals and showing they are not ready to be a contender, their hitting is not there yet

2. The  AL East looks to be a 3 team race between the Yankees, Blue Jays and Rays, I do not count out the Orioles or Red Sox but they need to be consistent.

3. Say bye to the Astros hot start, they are only 1.5 games ahead of the Rangers who to be honest should blow right by them soon, I think the Astros will end up about .500 at the end

4. I have the Angels, Orioles, Blue Jays, Yankees or Rays and the Tigers in the hunt for the Wild Card


1. The Mets offense woes have hurt them, but, to be clear they were never supposed to be a 1st place team, they remind me of a team that will be close to a wild card spot, but, more like a team that will play spoiler in September but, are getting closer

2.The 2 best teams are in the NL in the Cardinals and Dodgers which will be the 2015 NLCS which will be a great series

3.The Mets, Cubs, Giants and Pirates will battle for the Wild Card.

Best Series This Weekend:

1.Royals at Cardinals- Friday 815pm, Saturday 410pm and Sunday 215pm. Friday’s and Sunday’s games are on MLB Net.

2.Dodgers at Padres- Friday-Saturday 1010pm and Sunday 410pm,

3.Blue Jays at Red Sox- Friday 710pm, Saturday- Sunday 135pm

4. Yankees at Oriles- Friday 705pm, Saturday 715pm and Sunday 135pm


Friday- Royals at Cardinals 815pm or Mariners at Astros 810pm MLB Net.

Saturday- Blue Jays at Red Sox 135pm MLB Net.

Saturday- Yankees at Orioles, Reds at Cubs and Dbacks at Giants all 715pm FOX Regional

Saturday- Dodgers at Padres 1010pm MLB Net.

Sunday- Royals at Cardinals 215pm or Mariners at Astros 210pm MLB Net.

Sunday- Cubs at Reds 808pm ESPN


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