Baseball Thoughts 6/4


1.The AL East is still a mess, with all teams with in 5.5 games of 1st, with Boston struggling right now and the Yankees are headed back home to face the Angels,after a 4-3 road trip (started bad at Oakland but, won all 3 over the Mariners),while Boston split with the Twins at Fenway and host the A’s next.

2.The Twins are a surprise team, they split 4 at a tough venue in Fenway Park, they now head back to Minnesota to face the bad but, a rival in the Brewers.

3.Houston has fallen back a little still a good team but, not as strong as they started, do not count out the Angels who will make a push soon.


1.The Cardinals and Dodgers are the best teams in the NL

2. The Nats are better than they started and they have the team to get in the playoffs but, how far after that is tough to see as the other teams (Cards and Dodgers) will be better.

3. The Mets have deep pitching if they can get D;Armaud back soon to help the offense they can sneak into the wildcard spot, but, with out Wright they will not go far this season.


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