MLB End Of Month Thoughts


Biggest Surprise-

1.Houston Astros- the young Astros have developed much faster than I expected with Jose Altuve and George Springer being the catalysts for them with Dallas Keuchel and Colin mcHugh being their aces.

Honorable Mention-

1. Tampa Bay Rays- The whole roster got dumped other than Evan Longoria and Logan Forsythe who are both leading them and their ace pitchr Chris Archer has done better than expected so far.

Biggest Disappointment- 

1. Boston Red Sox- their hitting they have in Ortiz, Sandoval and Napoli, I thought they would have been much better.Hanley Ramirez has been good with 10 homeruns and Dustin Pedoria has also done well, their best pitcher is Rick Porcello with 4 wins.

Honorable Mention-

1.Oakland A’s-Yes I did not expect them to be in 1st, but, with the addition of Billy Butler and still having Steven Vogt and also adding Brett Lawrie, Their pitching is their weakness that has hurt them so far, I still thought  they would be better than this start they had.

2. Chicago White Sox- Another team that made changes but, it is not working, they added Melky Caberera and still have Adom Eaton and Jose Abreu and they have added Jeff Samardzija and closer David Robertson, but, they have struggled so far. Jose Abreu has been the bright spot and Jeff Samardzja has been decent but, not great.

Team to watch-

1.Baltimore Orioles- I feel with their roster of Chris Davis and Manny Machado they will be making their move soon.


Biggest Surprise-

1.Chicago Cubs- They are a fun team to watch, with Kris Bryant playing well in his early career and Anthony Rizzo continuing to play well plus, the pitching of Jon Lester and Jake Arrieta has made the Cubbies better than I thought.

Honorable Mention-

1. NY Mets- They have good pitching depth and right now are struggling but,Lucas Duda is keeping them a float with this bat and the pitching of Jacob DeGrom, Matt Harvey, Bartolo Colon and rookie Noah Syndergaard have made them fun to watch

Biggest Dissapointment-

1. Miami Marlins-They over hauled their roster and are a dud so far,Giancarlo Stanton is one of their few bright spots and Dee Gordon has been a good addition, other than that no one has played well,their only good pitcher is Dan Haren.

Honorable Mention-

2. Milwaukee Brewers- it was hard to find an honorable mention, as the Brewers were not supposed to be good but, I didnt think they would be this bad. Ryan Braun has been the only bright spot hitting and Micheal Blazek has been good on the mound.

Team to watch

1. Pittsburgh Pirates- They are starting to get hot and they have a good roster with Andew McCutchen and Pedro Alvarez leading them.


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