MLB Rankings and Thoughts 5/22


1. Cardinals, 2. Royals, 3.Nationals, 4. Astros, 5.Dodgers, 6. Rays, 7.Tigers, 8. Cubs. 9.Giants and 10. Mets



1. The Yankees had a good start, but, fell off recently got swept by the Nats and now return home to face the Rangers next.

2. The AL East is a mess, the last place team is 4.5 games back (Jays), the Red Sox and Orioles I feel will be the best at the end

3.The Royals are for real

4. Losing Victor Martinez will hurt the Tigers in the short term but, they will be fine at the end

5.I still feel the AL West will belong to the Angels


1. The Nationals are a top team now and will take over the East soon, they should win 2 from the Phillies

2. The Mets did a good job spliting the series with the Cards, they now head on the road to face the Pirates.

3. The Cubs will be a fun team to watch all season as they are talented and have good young players,

4. The Giants are getting going and will make the NL West a 2 team race with the Dodgers this season.


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