MLB Thoughts 5/17


1. The Astros might have something special going on, they just swept the Jays 4 in a row and are playing well.

2.The AL East has all 5 teams within in 5 games, the Yankees lost 2 to the Royals, the Jays got swept by the Astros, The Rays, Red Sox and Orioles are playing decent.

3.As expected the Royals and Tigers are the best of the AL West


1.The Mets won 2 out of 3 against the Brewers.They needed the wins

2.The Cardinals and the Dodgers are probably the best teams in the NL and in Baseball all together

3.The Marlins fired Mike Redmond after a 16-22 start, they need to get better fast

Intriguing Series:

1. Cardinals at Mets- Can the Mets stay hot against a good team?

2. A’s at Astros- Will the hot Astros stay hot?

3. Mariners at O’s – The O’s are in the tough East and the Mariners are no walkover

4. Yankees at Nationals- intriguing Interleague matchup

5.  Rangers at Red Sox- 2 good teams in the AL


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